Using LinkedIn to boost your business

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LinkedIn can be a valuable networking tool for business owners and job seekers. Use the site to increase brand awareness, attract top talent, acquire new customers, promote events, and engage with influencers in your industry.

Here are five basic ways to use LinkedIn to create a business advantage:

1. Create a company page.
Help potential and existing customers and team members learn about your business, brand, products, services, and job opportunities. You’ll need a personal LinkedIn account and verified email address to get started. Here’s how:

After crafting your company’s description, complete your contact details, and upload your logo and cover image. Let your team know the page is active so they can add it to their personal account.

2. Promote your page.
You’ll need followers, which you can get by including links to your page in your outgoing marketing communications. Add links to your page in your team’s email signatures, marketing emails, newsletters, and blogs. Include a link on your website and business cards too.

3. Create and join groups.
Promote your business by creating a LinkedIn group connected to your company page. The group allows you to engage with people connected to your industry, build a following, and bolster your reputation.

Also, consider joining existing LinkedIn groups. Don’t use these to advertise, simply establish yourself within the group as a thought leader and industry expert by sharing valuable insights and experiences.

4. Engage with other pages and posts!
Regularly seek out relevant people and businesses to follow and engage with. Comment on their posts and share when appropriate. This will likely encourage them to follow and engage with your posts in return. Remember to keep it positive.

5. Publish and share relevant content for your followers.
Now that you’re getting followers, remind them why they should follow your business. Post videos, pictures, and links to your blog to keep your followers engaged and drive traffic to your website.

Ensure your content is of value to your followers and limit promotional posts (to less than 20% of posts). Track the effectiveness of your posts to see what works and what doesn’t, and consider the best times to post – LinkedIn is busiest in the morning and around midday.

The easiest way to learn to use any social media tool, like LinkedIn, is by doing. See what others post and emulate the people and companies you admire. Your next client or new hire may be a direct result of engaging with this platform.