Finding a business idea that fits you

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Every business starts with an idea. It might be a crazy concept that’s never been done before or a twist on a common product or service. It might be something everyone will want, or it might fill a tiny niche in the market.

There’s no single way to find the best business idea – it’s about finding the one that suits you best. So how do you do that?

Find your passion

The best idea will be something you’re passionate and excited about – it’s difficult to pour money, energy and time into something that leaves you cold.

Play to your strengths

It should also line up with your existing skills and talents, so you can get off the ground without outside help. You don’t have to be an expert, but if you’re opening a café, you should have experience in hospitality.

Check viability

Think about how your idea could bring in revenue – is it a product you can sell, a service or subscription, a retail store, a food service business? Look at the existing market, start-up costs and margins, and work out whether your idea is likely to be profitable.

A great idea is just the beginning

Finding an exciting idea that fits your talents and has the potential to turn a profit isn’t easy – and neither is starting a small business. We can help at every stage – get in touch for expert help with validating your market and setting your business up for success right from the start.