Building your most important asset – your team

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When you’re running a small business, you’re only as good as the team around you. Hiring the right people is a start, but how do you turn your employees into a well-oiled dream team?

Here are five tips to get you started:

  1. Get to know them – Different backgrounds and personalities typically come with different strengths. By really getting to know your employees and what makes them tick, you can harness their strengths in a way that complements the overall team.
  2. Involve them early and often – Clearly defined business goals, visions and values keep everyone on the same trajectory. Celebrating wins along the way will give employees a sense of belonging and help them see the impact they have on your business.
  3. Keep negatives in check – Spotting and resolving problems early on is critical to keeping team culture alive. Personality clashes, micromanagement and competing agendas can really damage a team.
  4. Let them know what’s expected – Clearly defined roles are paramount in a functional team. If lines are blurred and employees are uncertain, cohesion goes out the window. Make sure your team knows exactly what is expected and that roles are regularly reassessed.
  5. Team-building that won’t break the bank – While playing paintball or go-karting can be a great way to get your employees to gel, team-building doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive. Knocking off early on a Friday for drinks and nibbles at the local beach can be equally valuable.

Building a winning team comes down to a leader that inspires and makes employees feel valued. This doesn’t always come naturally, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.